Remember Winter?

sexy woman in snow

I know recently the king of seasons came roaring back blanketing the area with snow. When it is May it isn't welcome but for an outdoor shoot, despite a little cold, makes a beautiful backdrop for a woman in white lingerie and fur. 

I've been doing more on location shoots with women and loving it! We really capture a person's style by finding the right place, creating the exact mood and complimenting her with a beautiful makeup and hair that just dazzles in the sun no matter the season.

Doesn't have to be outside either. I've recently worked with a few women who have beautiful homes that we are able to try new things but that mean something personal to her. 

For me, it keeps me creative. Always fresh and exciting is my goal when shooting not only to have always new portraits on my website but I get bored quickly. What better way to spice up everyone than by finding that perfect, personal location and having a ball!