A Woman's Timelessness

 Timeless, beautiful boudoir photography

Timeless, beautiful boudoir photography

How many of us love vintage? Why are programs such as Downtown Abbey or Madmen so appealing? What are we looking for when we drool over the fashion, style and decor of something labeled vintage? Are we missing something in our current time period that makes us crave some other generation's style? Or do we naively wax nostalgia not remembering that every time period has its struggles?

We've lost some of who we are and our power as women by our disregard for manners, foul language and the idea that 'letting it all hangout' makes us stronger and more successful. What happened to graciousness? Beautiful living? Femininity? We crave fashion but don't wear it. We crave sexiness but we wrongly define it. We believe that artificial is better and authentic living isn't worthy. But, I think boudoir allows a woman to recapture femininity, romance and grace that perhaps we've lost over the years. I believe women can still be women and still get equal pay! Let's all start being women again with expectations from men to treat us as equally but with the special attention we deserve. We're the beauty in the world. We need to own that again!

I discovered a fashion designer, stylist, illustrator, and creative director based in NYC named Leonid Gurevich. He styles many of Miss Aniela photo shoots of which I admire and find inspiration from. On his website he says,

"...designer is zealously bringing back a time when women didn't just wear clothes, they slipped them on as if embracing a feeling of a character, living a scene in the golden age of cinematic yesteryear; a slower time in history, when beautiful movies were created, when unique clothes were appreciated, when men and women were inspired to be ladies and gentlemen."

I read the last line about being ladies and gentlemen and felt inspired to blog about this idea. We're lacking this in our society. The lack of classic behavior where people were civil and polite and thoughtful. 

I think boudoir portraits are a small part of this idea of sexy graciousness: Where we are women, proud of being a woman and want to show that we are empowered through these photos. Boudoir is such a vintage thing to experience yet so contemporary! Showing our strength in the movement of our bodies, the styling our our photo shoot, choosing the clothing that makes us proud, the shapes and lines we create with our figures in the right light;  we become artwork and artwork that is timeless, romantic, gracious and powerful.


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