Specializing in Couples Boudoir

Sometimes the path you think you're on doesn't end up being the one that you find yourself on. For me, it is of course still a photographer specializing in women but over the years, I've had the honor of capturing couples who want to show themselves in a visual way, their love for each other. I've blogged about this before but recently had another couple from afar and it got me thinking that I love couples' boudoir photo shoots and maybe this is the path I will find myself on more and more. 

It is a delicate dance between 2 people and a third person in the background giving directions, suggestions and still making sure everyone is comfortable. I really get that. I find myself comparing it to a film director. When we see love scenes in a movie, they're authentic and it is the skill and professionalism along with a vision that creates the portraits I make for two people who are creating their own love scenes. 

I find myself using a lot of my art history knowledge to create the scene. Plus a lot of the success comes from getting to know the couple. Are they playful? Do they want erotic? Are they silly and goofy. Do they want romantic or very arty? By talking about them, their relationship and what their goal is with these portraits, helps me plan for the shoot and how to capture the personality of their relationship.

In couples' boudoir shoots, the guy is an accessory to the woman. Sorry, guys. I also aim to be more of a voyeur. Sounds erotic, but it creates the scene and artwork with my camera that I envision. I also think it makes the couple more relaxed not having a camera in their face but perhaps peaking from a curtain, a door or far away. Like regular boudoir with an individual, I start out capturing her first. This helps me warm up and her too. With two women, same thing. Let's start with individual shots since when do we get great portraits, ladies? Then move in to adding the other woman. 

We also discuss wardrobe and how that expresses each personality. Most of the time for couples' boudoir it is kept simple. The story is what creates the scene. There is a lot of implied story. A man's hand on the bottom of his woman frozen in a picture tells a very sexy story. No need for faces even. The image creates a scene and tells their own love story. 

Laughing is fun too and I still smile when I empty the pictures we took together and see how many are of the 3 of us laughing. There is such seriousness in the results but the behind the scenes of these boudoir shoots is lots of laughter making for a lighthearted time!