Photographed by Pascal Chevalier, Vogue, March 2005

Just went to see the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective show at the Denver Art Museum. One of Yve's muses was this woman, Loulou La Falaise. As soon as I saw her in one of the placards describing YSL's work, I had to know more about her. She looks so chic and francaise as she poses here for Vogue in Paris.

The exhibit was exquisitely designed with over 300 pieces on display and video clips, some drawings and prints. It is only in the USA at our very own venerable Denver Art Museum!

 I am a collector of ephemera and love, love love old magazines. Having a very large collection of contemporary magazines over the last 40 years, I like adding to it with even earlier issues. Coming across an issue of 1956 Charm Photography magazine, this article of a female photographer-Ingeborg de Beausacq (1910-2003born in Holland)- was a treat to read about since glamour and boudoir photography is dominated by men. But this was 1956 and what a find. With Nazi Germany on the rise, she left in 1938 and headed for Paris where she acquired a fish and aquatic pet store. It was her mother who gave her the first camera. Her studio came from this original pet store! She married and became a countess but ran out of money so she earned a living with photography. Avoiding WWII they headed to Brazil where she divorced the count and eventually moved to NYC in 1948. Her first piece of advice was to do test shots for aspiring models and eventually she landed her own editorial shoot. de Beausacq traveled extensively throughout the world and sold many valuable artifacts to various museums in NY. She lived in France again having remodeled an old farm house. She eventually died in 2003 in France. I don't know what it was but finding a female photographer as de Beausacq was a real treasure! I have fallen in love with her photos!


Rossana Martini-
photographed by Arturo Ghergo, 1946.

I LOVE this photo of this woman and so inspired by it that the next anyone who reads this and wants a portrait done in old Hollywood glamour style gets their print for free! Mention the blog:) Who is paying attention out there???

She won Miss Italia in the year 1946, the first after war edition of the Italian beauty pageant awarding prizes every year to young, female contestants from Italy.
She worked with director Camillo Mastrocinque at the movie “Le bellissime gambe di Sabrina”.

In 1929, at the age of 28 Arturo Ghergo arrived in Rome with not much money to his name.  Yet somehow his talent as a photographer soon became known to the upper echelons of Roman society.  From there he became an in-demand portrait photographer.  His close relationship with the directors at Cinecitta meant that it wasn’t long before he was known as a photographer to the dive - beautiful Italian starlets including Alida Valli, Gina Lollobrigida and Sofia Loren.

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